In 1743 French explores Pierre and Francois De La Verendrye sight what they call the Shining Mountains, perhaps the Bighorn Mountains.

In 1803 with Louisiana Purchase, eastern Montana comes under jurisdiction of US.

In1805-06 Lewis and Clark explore region on their way to and from Pacific Ocean.

In 1807 Manuel Lisa builds trading post at confluence of Yellowstone and Bighorn rivers.

In 1846 Treaty with Great Britain gives northwestern portion of Montana to US.

In 1862 discovery of gold at Grasshopper brings in thousands of prospectors.

In 1864 Congress passes bill-declaring Montana a territory.

In 1876 Indians defeat George Armstrong Custerís cavalry troops in Battle of Little Bighorn.

In 1877 Indian fighting in Montana ends with surrender of Chief Joseph and Nez Perce islands to federal troops.

In 1880 railway line reaches Montana for the first time.

In 1889 Montana enters Union as 41st state.

In 1910 Congress establishes Glacier National Park (West Glacier).

This spectacular park in the Rocky Mountains features lofty peaks, sharp - edged ridges clear lakes, dense forests, and alpine glaciers. Its streams are a favorite with fishermen; no license is required.

In 1940 Fort Peck Dam, the countryís largest earth-filled hydraulic dam is completed on Missouri River in northeastern Montana.

In 1951 oil boom begins in Williston basin in eastern Montana.

In 1975 Libby Dam who created 90-mile0long Lake Koocanusa, begins operation.

In 1983 the Anaconda Company whose mines yielded copper and other minerals worth nearly $4 billion, close after a century of production in Butte.

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